Photographer of the Year is a coveted award of the yearly photo tilt by the Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines.

This is not an easy feat. After 30 different theme competitions, including OTS, from February to November, WPPP Regular Members nationwide choose their best shots with the ultimate goal of winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd Places and Accolade of Excellence Award during the monthly contests to earn enough points to land them in the sought-after title of Photographer of the Year.

1st place gets 1.50 points. 2nd place, 3rd place and accolade of excellence award gets 1.00, 0.50 and 0.01 points respectively. With three themes photo competition per month, a photographer rarely gets three 1st places in a row, so staying at the top is an arduous achievement even for the most award-winning of photographer.

A Photographer of the Year is one who emerged as the most winningest photographer having earned him the most number of points over the course of the photo competition.

Photographers in the wedding industry are encouraged to join the association not only to measure their skills against the country’s very best but also to continue to improve their chosen craft and professionalize the industry as well.

Photographers of the Year:

Val Porras                   - 2017
Jiva Jimenez               - 2016
Lito Genilo                  - 2015
Alvin Guevara             - 2014
Alvin Guevara             - 2013
Alvin Guevara             - 2012
Lito Sy                         - 2011
Lito Sy                         - 2010
Bogs Ignacio               - 2009
Danny Ignacio             - 2008
Lito Genilo                   - 2007
Lito Sy                         - 2006
Lito Sy                         - 2005
Pilar Tuason                - 2004