Lito Sy


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Lito Sy Photography,Inc.
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113-A Scout Fuentebella St. Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
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(02) 799.2634
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A remarkable team of photographers share the Lito Sy vision,passion and dedication with exceptional imagery. Personally trained in his exacting style and techniques, these elite photographers regularly work side by side with Lito Sy at wedding assignments . Each is dispatched with identical equipment to further assure consistency with his uncompromising quality standard.

Lito Sy photography is a perfect mix of storytelling and artistry. The photographers take pride in capturing the day as it unfolds before them without being obstrusive. They also treat every wedding individually and focus on the shots that are most important to each bride and groom. Through our photojournalistic experience, we have learned to document the world around us, with particular attention to composition and details. Our cameras and photographic materials used in the production process, have all been carefully selected with documentary style photography in mind.

With over 19 years of experience in wedding photography, Lito Sy has mastered the perfect blend of digital and traditional technology that assures the perfect result. Lito Sy’s success can be attributed to consistency and constant reinvention of himself and his company. Lito Sy continues to raise the benchmark of excellence as an artist who is admired by his peers and loved by his clients. The biggest reward for Lito Sy Studio is having a loyal and consistent clientele that are ultimately their biggest asset.

Boasting a team that Lito Sy describes as the “best in the wedding industry”, Lito Sy studio are in demand and have pushed the industry to be a better place but have always been one step ahead of their competition.