Studio Name
Erree's Photography & Videography
Studio Address
Tiger Gold Bldg., Del Pilar St., Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Mobile Number0905.280.4808 / 0918.526.9702
Landline Number
(077) 722.8088 (Home)
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Once this Marine Engineerng Graduate, at 13 years in the business that first landed job as a photographer in a friend's studio, he was not a veteran nor had anything to do with cameras. And from this studio job experiences, he developed a passion in this field and now admitted in the prestigious WPPP organization which only vision, passion and dedication were perfection is the only motto. From the Traditional 1...2...3... click!, he had explored more depths in every camera clicks. And more wacky, candid moments making every bridal couple. More relax and do more than the usual while enjoying their wedding day without worrying too much on how they look. And what perfect way to describe Ernie is a budding Photographer of the Next Generation.