Studio Name
Enrico Nepomuceno Photography + Cinematography
Studio Address
KODAK D'MALL de Boracay, Boracay, Malay, Aklan
Mobile Number+639178238125
Landline Number
(036) 2886213
Email Address enriconepomuceno@gmail.com

With 23 years in the photo and video industry, Enrico Nepomuceno Jr. has almost single-handedly redefined destination wedding photography and videography in Boracay and Aklan. The name behind several ground breaking events in the local industry, Enrico established the first photo laboratory in Aklan, opened the first professional studio in the province, and pioneered both services at Boracay; the country’s most popular tourist hot spot and favorite beach wedding location. Eventually, he formally established Enrico Nepomuceno Photography aimed at serving the growing demand for his expertise and professionalism, and at providing specialized services for weddings, portraitures, and other cherished occasions. He has extended his services as far as USA & Canada. Destination weddings and beach weddings are some of his popular services and his clientele are mostly foreigners who wanted Boracay weddings. His name has become synonymous with “the ideal Boracay wedding photographer” and "ideal Aklan wedding photographer”. Enrico Nepomuceno’s photography is about capturing the moments, and the essence of the person in those moments. His range of styles includes both formal and informal techniques, but one of his best-known skills is his ability to put into print the wishes of his clients with insight and sensitivity. Many of his wedding commissions have been through personal recommendation, as his particular style and results become increasingly sought-after. Eric has photographed weddings in various locations in the country and his clientele extends to foreigners who have chosen a Boracay wedding and a professional photographer completely trusted by his clients --- one who gives them the excellent outcome they expect and deserve.